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Fiddlers Ferry Boatyard - Venturer article.

Enter the River Mersey and follow the tide past the Liver Buildings, on past the end of the airport runway and around Hale Head light. Once through the centre arch of the Runcorn suspension bridge , Fiddlers Ferry is only 4 miles upstream.

The key to an uneventful passage is PLANNING, giving yourself time to negotiate the twists and turns of the river. Fiddlers Ferry can only be reached on spring tides, any tide over 28 feet will make entry possible in a boat with a draft of around 3 feet. The ideal time to arrive at Fiddlers Ferry is at high water ( slack ) which makes entering the lock gate a pleasure. High water slack at Fiddlers Ferry is 1hour and 15 mins after high water at Liverpool. The trip of some 13 miles from Liverpool marina to the lock at Fiddlers Ferry usually takes around 3 hours depending on how much assistance you gain from the incoming tide, which, in places can run at upto 6 knots.

The channel to Garston Docks is buoyed and dredged, so presents few problems, but once past here it is better to gain local knowledge by asking those that use the river regularly, or by taking a look at low water from one of the several vantage points along the way.

Once out of the river and through the lock, you enter a section of the Sankey - St Helens canal which is some 250 years old so has seen many a boat and even large ship in her heyday. Upto 2200 tons! This section of the canal is known as Fiddlers Ferry Yacht Haven and is owned by Warrington Borough Council, and run by myself as Harbourmaster. It has approximately 100 berths.

On the strip of land bordered by the river and the canal is Fiddlers Ferry Boatyard where boats can be craned ashore and stored in the yard or take one of the berths in the Yacht Haven. The boatyard offers a full range of services for the boat owner with all work carried out by time served craftsmen, who being boat owners and sailors themselves, have a high regard for the work that is undertaken.

There is a very relaxed atmosphere at the yard and there are always some of the “old hands” to tell a tale or two from years gone by, or to pass on a little bit of advice to make your D I Y repair go smoothly.

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